New appointments

At a special meeting for shareholders of Cottingham and Middleton Village Store and Café held on Sunday 18 March 2018, shareholders voted in support of the following appointments:

Secretary to the Village Store and Cafe Society: Richard Haigh

Management committee members   

  • Wendy Curtis
  • Anne Davison
  • Owen Davison
  • Tony Freeman
  • Richard Haigh
  • Mary Knott
  • Jin Mahil
  • Chris Owen

The Store and Cafe would like to thank everyone who took the time to come along to the meeting and share their views and ideas, and also those members who sent in proxy votes.

So now the hard work starts! In the short term, the main focus for the new team will be to get the store and cafe back on track, get the basics right and keep things up and running until the Annual General Meeting in June. They will also be looking at ways to encourage more volunteers to come and work in the shop, potentially including an open day for people to find out what’s involved.

We will keep you informed on progress and, if there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact the Store’s Acting Chair Owen Davison on 01536 771333, email


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